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This site contains original art by a contemporary artist. There are original oil paintings for sale, some drawings and maybe photographs from which you can request a painting. All works are available online, directly from the artist. All works feature Mother Nature at her finest. There is already too much ugliness and injustice in the world, and I like to use my art to show the beauty that still exists in nature.

Although skyscrapers and bridges *can* be beautiful in their own right, you won't find many paintings of human-made objects here. Our impact on the natural world has been too devastating.

If you're looking for cubist or surrealist or abstract art, you won't find it here. I like the trees and skies to look like trees and skies (not like something out of a bad acid trip).

If you're looking for sunrise or sunset, tropical islands, snow capped mountains, flowers or trees, crashing ocean waves, or a placid lake .... please enter the gallery lobby. Relax and browse for a while. If you enjoy your visit, please come back again. I ususally add new paintings about once a month. If you know of someone else who may enjoy visiting, please feel free to tell a friend about this site. You may view our privacy policy if you wish. And don't miss our Freebies and Links page. There are periodically new photos on the Backyard Nature page.

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If you provide personal information (name, email) when you enter comments or a rating, or when you request or buy a painting, you can rest assured that information will never be shared with any other site (spam is one of my pet peeves, and I'm certainly not going to contribute to the problem). This site requires that you enter through the home page so a session cookie may be set. A session cookie is used only by this site, to provide you with the content you request (which art gallery wing you wish to view). Natural Wonder Art session cookies are not shared with any other site you may visit and are not persistent from visit to visit at this site. A new session cookie is created each time you visit Natural Wonder Art, and is discarded when you leave. This site collects your IP address for statistical and abuse tracking purposes only. Your current IP address is